European Project IAM

The Opening Conference of the Project  IAM (International Augmented Med), a project aimed at enhancing the archaeological, architectural and environmental through the use of new technologies and with the participation of 7 countries bordering the Mediterranean, was held in Alghero.

The original idea was born in Imperia (Italy) by Enzo Gentile and Paolo Servi (anughea studios). They involved in the project Anna Maria Monteverdi and Liliana Iadeluca (teachers of Dams of Imperia – University of Genoa). The group will make use of the valuable contribution of Lianne Ceelen Montaleone leading the project (cataloged strategic and budget of almost 5 million euro) until its approval after a long and tiring process (530 projects presented in origin).
The leadersgip was proposed to Alghero since we have not found, unbelievably, any ligurian institution concerned in the project.

More info : project facebook page and YouTube page.


“International Augmented Med” (IAM) is a project, funded by the European Union programme ENPI CBC MED (European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument), developping in the field of AR (Augmented Reality). AR, is an expansion or amplification of the normally perceived reality.

It refers to the innovative multimedia technique which makes reality interact with digital constructions and reconstructions , thus modifying, enhancing and enriching the perceived world.

It includes interactive projections, lighting techniques, virtual architecture and communication and audiovisual instruments.
In this field, IAM will create applications and events which promote archaeological sites, monuments and historical heritage (also in view of tourism and economic development).


  • Municipality of Alghero (Italy) (Lead Partner)
  • University of Genova (Italy)
  • Ministry of Culture – Government of Catalonia (Spain)
  • i2Cat (Spain)
  • KonicLab (Spain)
  • Library of Alexandria (Egypt)
  • Municipality of Jebeil (Lebanon)
  • American University of Beirut (Lebanon)
  • Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities – Department of Antiquities (Jordan)
  • Jordan University of Science and Technology (Jordan)
  • Municipality of Al-Taybeh (Palestinian Territories)
  • RIWAQ (Palestinian Territories)
  • National Office for Tunisan Tourism – Regional Commissariat for Tourism of Nabeul-Hammamet (Tunisia),
  • Association of Geographic Research and Studies of the University of Manouba (Tunisia).


  • The PROJECT ACTIVITIES, will include the following types of activities, defined in cooperation with partners:
  1. Development of a number of “multimedia objects” and “multimedia events”, applying the AR technologies, in each participating partner country, to archaeological or architectural sites, monuments, landscapes, exhibition spaces;
  2. Training (on potential and use of AR for cultural heritage promotion, development of workshops and seminars);
  3. Exchanges of experts among participating countries (technicians, researchers, managers of exhibition spaces etc);
  4. International augmented reality “festival”, with conferences, seminars, workshops, artistic performances, demonstrations of technical and visual potential etc;
  5. Creation of an internet portal for sharing of documents, announcements of events, digital objects, open source software, online courses as well as technical forum discussions networking opportunities etc.
  • The PROJECT activities would have numerous BENEFITS for participating organisations:
  1. Creation of employment (such as curators of exhibitions, multimedia technicians, project developers, researchers, tourism operators etc);
  2. Promotion of tourism in the participating regions (thanks to the enhancement of the local resources);
  3. Strong visibility of the participating region or town at international level in terms of image and communication;
  4. Acquisition of know-how of technologies and instruments and/or improvemnet of existing structures;
  5. Refining of research into technological AR instruments (hardware, software, logical models, computer graphics, sound design, animation techniques, video mapping);
  6. Cultural awareness and dialogue (through, training, information and events) for local population and visitors;
  7. Development of initiatives with minimal or nonexistant environmental impact.

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  • IAM video
  • Workshop 1
    Architectural videomapping
    From 3 to 6th of June 2013 in Alexandria (Egypt) Library of Alexandria
    Partecipation as trainer.
  • Workshop 2
    Mobile Applications and Augmented Reality

    From 21 to 23rd of April 2015 in Ramallah (Palestine)
    Birzeit University
    Partecipation as trainer.
  • Workshop 3
    The videomapping techniques
    From 22 to 24th of September 2015 in Alghero (Italy)
    Department of Architecture, Design and UrbanismUniversity of Sassari. (Italy)
    Partecipation as trainer.
  • Seminar
    19th of May 2015 – Interactive design with kinect V2. Sala Dogana – Genoa (Italy)

Participation to present videomappings and IAM activities:

  • IAM -Festival Byblos – Jbeil (Lebanon) 2013
  • IAM -Festival Girona (Spain) : APP Festival 2014
  • IAM -Festival Taybeh (Palestine) 2015
  • IAM -Festival Alghero (Italy) 2015


Bibliotheca Alexandrina (EGYPT): Architectural Mapping Workshop

Jebeil (LEBANON): IAM EU Project – Video Mapping & Interaction Design demos

Bir Zeit (PALESTINE): Workshop at Birzeit University

Ramallah and Taybeh (PALESTINE): Symposium & Videomapping

Genoa: Seminar ”Interactive design with kinect V2″

Sassari University: Architectural Mapping for Cultural Heritage Workshop