about me

Enzo Gentile
Creative technologist

Italian (mother tongue)



Creative Coding

Processing, Touchdesigner, Arduino IDE, vvvv

Projection mapping, Vj

Resolume Arena, Wire

Graphics - Video

Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effect, NDI, OBS

Generative Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse

AI graphic and tools, Mozilla hubs and spoke, Spatial.

Sound, Light

Audacity, Audition, DMX

3D Modeling & Animation

Cinema 4D


Arduino - kinectV2


Midi, Osc, Dmx, NDI

Web Design, Office automation

HTML5, CSS, PHP, MySql, Java - Wordpress - Office

Short Bio

I graduated in electronic engineering with a thesis in computer music. I am the founder and art director at anughea studios associates. I also teach at the Brera Academy in Milan, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Opera Academy in Verona.

I experiment with new technologies for artistic expressions, even if not properly codified, which can be used in the cultural and marketing fields.

I am the creator and co-author of the European projects in artistic and cultural heritage fields.

I manage workshops on artificial intelligence, metaverses, motion tracking, interactive videomapping, audio-visual design, interaction design, creative coding, generative art, animation and virtual scenography.

University of Genoa (Italy)
Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering . Thesis in computer music
University Ca Foscari - Venice (Italy)
School teaching enablement
Professor at Brera Academy of Fine Arts - Milan
Multimedia for cultural heritagesfrom 28/10/2021 - present
Professor at Academy of Fine Arts (Verona)
School of  Design, Scenography, New technologies for artfrom 2013 - present

Multimedia Design, Interactive Systems


Professor at Opera Academy (Verona)
Multimedia languages for Operafrom 2017 - present
Professor at Academy of Fine Arts - Sanremo (IM)
School of  Graphics and Drawing from 28/10/2013 - 30/06/2015

Multimedia design, 3D modeling and animation

Visual and Interaction designer
from 01/03/2009 - present
  • Video and interactive architectural mapping
  • Motion tracking
  • Video and Sound processing
  • Creative coding, generative art
  • 3d modelling and animation
  • Generative Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse
Creative Technologist & Art Director
anughea studiosfrom 2000 - present
Secondary school (part-time)from 2000 - to 2022

mathematics, physics, electronics and computer science

Manager in multinational companies
(I, F, USA)from 1989 to 2000

3M ITALY S.P.A. American chemical multinational company (3 years)

AGNESI S.P.A. - Danone Group - French food multinational company (7 years)

BITRON S.P.A. Italian mechanical multinational company (1/2 year)

Workshop - Seminars - Publications - Presentations - Projects - Conferences - References

Workshop "Intelligenza artificiale e metaversi per l'arte" (November-December 2022) - Verona

Seminario Museo poliglotta (Intelligenza artificiale e webXR) - University of Bergamo (30 giugno 2022)

Z- Elements (Creative Europe Project) Final event Antwerp (BELGIUM), 5,6,7 of May 2022 

Interactive Workshop Week 2022 Polish Japanese Academy of Information Technology - Warsaw (POLAND) 14-18 of Mars 2022

Z- Elements (Creative Europe Project) Artistic residence (Verona) , June 2021 

Z- Elements (Creative Europe Project) Creative Coding and Mozilla Hubs workshops Lorient (Bretagne - FRANCE) – 15th-18th Mars 2021

Z- Elements (Creative Europe Project First Kick-off meeting in Aviles (SPAIN) – November, 17th of 2019

Z- Elements (Creative Europe Project - Spain, France, Belgium, Serbia, Italy) - Art Director for Academy of fine art of Verona (2021-2022)

Biennale of modern art – Florence - Interactive installation (19 October 2019)

Art Verona – Interactive installation and architectural videomapping (12 October 2019)

Outsider Art Festival – Verona – Interactive installation and architectural videomapping (4 October 2019)

Tuscany Hall Theatre (Florence) – Interactive generative video experiments during Dainese Fashion show (May 17, 2019)

Unesco International day of light – Verona – Conference “Il linguaggio della luce” – Luce e tecnologia nell’esperienza museale (May 16, 2019)

Erasmus+ “Augmented Sculpture Workshop” - 24h Polish Japanese Academy of Information Technology - Warsaw (POLAND) (May 6-10, 2019)

Erasmus+ “We are all human beings” participation. Dorohoi (ROMANIA) Partners: Turkey, Spain, Slovacchia, Romania, Italy (Apr 2019)

Workshop – Digital Light - from stage design to videomapping – Opificio della luce (Verona) – (Febr 2019)

Workshop - La drammaturgia virtuale - Scenari digitali e simulazioni applicative - Lighting Sector – Confindustria Veneto - FSE – Rete di imprese Luce in Veneto (Sept 2018)

ArtFarm Pilastro (VR) international art laboratory - Dissociation 2.0 – Interactive dance project (June 2018)

Verona Risuona Festival - Dissociation 1.0 – Interactive dance project (May 2018)

Participation at 57th Venice Biennale Session with Academy of fine arts of Verona (July 2017)

New Technologies in Artistic Expression Seminar - Polish Japanese Academy of Information Technology - Warsaw (POLAND) (June 1, 2017)

Augmented Sculpture, interaction & media design Workshop - 40h - Academy of fine art of Bologna (March-May 2017)

Final Festival European Project "Creative Europe" ViSet. Libera Academy of fine art of Brescia ( November 2016)

Final Festival European Project "Creative Europe" ViSet. Barcelona (SPAIN) (October 2016)

Participation to the first edition of Wired Next Fest organized by Wired Italy (IED Lab stand) Florence, Sept. 19, 2016

Francesco Messina Museum - Opening exhibition “Caleidoscopi” cooperation Milan, April 12, 2016

Interactive Videomapping and Generative Art Workshop (Kalipè Laboratory - Rome Oct. 2015)

ViSet Project meeting and workshop (Virtual Set Design). FAM Faculty of Management - Sremski Karlovci (SERBIA) Oct. 2015

Architectural Interactive Mapping for Cultural Heritage - Workshop - University of Sassari (Alghero) - Dept of Architecture, Design and Urbanism & IAM Project - 22/09/2015

Participation at 56th Venice Biennale Sessions with Academy of fine arts of Verona 16-17 July 2015

Seminar " Interactive design with kinect V2". Part of the project EU International Augmented Med - Sala Dogana - Genoa (May 2015)

Workshop for European Project "Creative Europe" ViSet. Barcelona (SPAIN) (13-16 May 2015)

Workshop “Architectural Mapping & Interaction Design” part of the project EU International Augmented Med - Birzeit University - Ramallah (PALESTINE) (21-24 April 2015)

Workshop for European Project "Creative Europe" ViSet. Liverpool (UK) (15-18 April 2015)

1st International Festival of Theatre, Arts and New Technologies - (Cagliari) - Conference and Workshop (Virtual set design and Interaction Design (January 2015)

Projection mapping for virtual set design - Workshop (European Project "Creative Europe" ViSet) Libera Accademia di Belle Arti LABA (Brescia) - (December 2014)

Publication ( http://www.progettocreactivity.com) "Creative technology and artistic expressions" Piaggio Museum Pontedera (PI). (November 2014)

International Augmented Med Project – Spanish Festival - Interaction design and generative art experiments with kinect V2 and processing sketches. Girona (SPAIN) (October 2014)

Créativité Technologique et Expressions Artistiques – Workshop (held in french) – (24-26 Septembre 2014) Académie des Beaux-Arts de Tournai (BELGIQUE)

Creator and co-author of European Project Creative Europe "ViSet" Virtual stage designer Partner : Italy, England, Serbia. Spain (August 2014)

Workshop "Architectural Interactive Video Mapping and Virtual Scenography" Academy of Fine Arts - Verona (May 2014)

Video mapping and interaction design demos - IAM European Project meeting - International Festival of Byblos - LEBANON (July 2013)

Seminar “New technology for art and musical expressions” XXX FuoriFestival , exhibition of video art and new cultural trends held in conjunction with the "International Festival of New Cinema" of Pesaro. (June 2013)

Workshop (held in English, 4 days) “Architectural Mapping & Interaction Design” part of the project EU International Augmented Med - Bibliotheca Alexandrina - EGYPT (June 2013)

Seminar “New technology for art and musical expressions”- Academy of Fine Arts - Verona (May 2013)

Workshop ” Interaction & Media Design” 25 h – Academy of Fine Arts Albertina - Turin (May 2013)

Workshop "Practical Video mapping for performer, visual artist and set designer, Generative Art & Motion Tracking with the kinect" Giallo Mare Theatre - Empoli (FI) (Febr. 2013)

Workshop “Videomapping: interaction e & media design for art expressions”, Academy of Fine Arts of Brera (School of new technologies for art) : (Milan 3-4 May 2012)

Laboratory lessons to DAMS (Performing Art Dept. at Genoa University) within the academic course " New forms of Multimedia Performing Arts ". (April 2012)

Creator and co-author of European Project ENPI CBC Med "Multimedia and interactive technologies for the promotion of cultural and natural heritage"(2011-2012) and other EU project (Cultural e New Technologies)

Seminar "Architectural projection mapping in Theatre and motion capture with the kinect" - Valle Occupato Theatre  Rome - (April 2012)

Seminar "The Video Mapping" at Academy of Fine arts of Brera (School of new technologies for art) Milan - (May 2011)

Publication (http://www.ateatro.org/mostranotizie2.asp?num=137&ord=31) on L'arte della superficie "From video mapping to the interaction design for the theatre" (2011)

Conception and realization of "The Skeleton" - an animated 3D short movie. (2011)

Professional collaborations with artists for live interactive performances. (from 2010)