Ramallah and Taybeh (PALESTINE): Symposium & Videomapping

25th April 2015 – 10.00 a.m. – Ramallah (PALESTINE) – Al-Bireh Municipality Cultural Center – Symposium “Augmented Reality for Tourism in Palestine”

08.00 p.m. – Taybeh (Ramallah and al-Bireh Governorate) – Dinner and Pilot Projet Palestine – Game and videomapping on the St. George’s Church facade.

Taybeh has been identified as the site of Ophrah, mentioned in the Bible  as a town of Benjamin, which was later renamed Ephraim. However the word “Ophrah” was close in sound to “afrit” ( عفريت‎) meaning “demon” in Arabic. Under Saladin, the name was changed to “Taybeh”, “The goodly”.
In the 5th century, a church, known today as St. George’s Church, was built in the east of the town. (from wikipedia)

Videomapping and interactive game by Samer Shawar.