Z-elements european project

Artistic experiences and exchanges to attract a younger audience through Transmedia co-creations

Z Elements is a European project funded by the European Commission through the Europe Creative program. Led by the Fundacion Municipal of Aviles in Spain, the project gathers 4 other partners:

  • Artesis Planrijn Hogeschool Antwerpen in Belgium
  • Fondazione Accademia di Belle Arti di Verona in Italy
  • Kulturanova association in Serbia
  • European Art School in Brittany, EESAB, in France

This project focuses on young audience, the so-called “Z generation” (people born until 1995) and aims at helping artists to target this new audience relying on new technologies such as social media.

4 residencies in France, Spain, Italy and Serbia including 5 artists each, chosen from the following countries (Belgium, Italy, Spain, France and Serbia) will be organised during this 2 year-project and will emphasis on one of the four fundamental elements (Air, Water, Fire and Earth).

First Kick-off meeting in Aviles (Spain) – November, 17th of 2019