Animation Week Conference Warsaw

An amazing week full of Animation with extraordinary artists: The Quay Brothers, Kalinowski Andrzej, Alecos Papadatos, Babis Alexiadis.
Kino Muranów, Friday 10.05, start 5 pm.
The Animation Week will finish with a set of talks, screenings and a get-together at Kino Muranòw on the 10th of May. Each of the guests — previously having lead one of the workshops during the Animation Week — will speak about their personal work and experience. There will be chance to hear and learn from a variety of artists and practitioners from different backgrounds.

Documentation video for the Animation Week at Polsko-Japonska Akademia Technik Komputerowych.
The video was edited and created by Jakub Zieba directed by Marta Zofia Myszewska and with Olga Kulish and Malgorzata Sady.