Erasmus + Project “We are all human beings” – Romania

Erasmus+ project with partners from five countries at the “St. John Iacob” Orthodox High School Seminar in Dorohoi (Romania).
Between 7 and 12 April 2019, the Orthodox High School Seminary “St. Ioan Iacob “Dorohoi will host the transnational learning, training and learning meeting within the Erasmus + project” We are all human beings “.
The project includes teachers and pupils from the following countries: Turkey (coordinating country), Italy, Slovakia, Spain and Romania. Transnational activities will include delegates of pupils and teachers from all partner countries. The activities will be carried out according to the project objectives. In addition to attending classes, pupils will attend various workshops aimed at promoting European values ​​such as tolerance, equality, cooperation.

Among the activities we mention: video presentations, activities carried out in places representative of the project objectives in our region (Botosani History Museum, Neamţ Fortress, Regional Center for Accommodation and Procedures for Asylum-seekers Rădăuţi- Suceava county).

Preparations are close to completion, with the students involved in the project making all the materials necessary for the good development of transnational work.

During the visit to the Prefect Team Coordinator and project initiator Ahmet Polat from Turkey explained his intentions of connecting different religions, social statuses and lifestyles when he applied for funding.
“Radicalization, Islamophobia, conceptions of the differences between people made me write this project. When I picked my partners, I took several aspects into consideration. For example, Romanian partners, being from a theological school, have been chosen because religion is a strong point, and I wanted to show my classmates how many things we have in common about religion. The partners in Slovakia were chosen because they went through wars and suffered much because of them. Partners in Italy and Spain have experience with refugees and this has been a great deal. Together with our project partners, we agreed that regardless of religion, culture, traditions, we are equal, we are the same, we are human, “Ahmet Polat said.


Prezi presentation by Enzo Gentile